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You want more time before the next billing cycle? No problem. Just put in how many days you want, and you're next billing will be extended for that many days.

Create Your Own Sequence

YourBetterTomorrow series consists of 6 volumes. If you want to create your own sequence of volumes, go right ahead. Get paid up to $30 for every YourBetterTomorrow CD you give away. FOR MEMBERS ONLY!

How does CLUB-YBT work?

After 10 days from the date of your order, unless you cancel or delay shipping dates, you will be charged $74.97, and shipped one of our volumes. There are 6 volumes, one shipped monthly. You are not obligated to receive any volumes. Just cancel within 10 days of your order to avoid any charges. Even if you cancel, our complimentary CD is our gift to you, just for considering YourBetterTomorrow.

Choose 1 of these 4 powerful titles.

Let us demonstrate the power of Hypnotherapy with a complimentary CD, normally $49.99 (just pay $2.99 s&h)

$25 gift card with every volume.

As an added benefit, whenever we send you a volume, we will send you a $25 gift card for that gives you $25 of dining from local restaurants near you. Collect our entire collection, and you'll get $150 worth of gift cards.

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