Earn Money

Interested in helping people while making money at the same time? YourBetterTomorrow helps thousands of people every day and we think you should be able to also. The only difference is, we believe you should be able to make money at the same time. With the internet and social media at your finger tips, the only thing you have to do is spread the word.

No door to door sales or sneaky telemarketing, just get the word out about YBT and make money dong it!

How it works?

Earning money with YBT only takes a few clicks.

Social Media: Simply post or share to your social media accounts from the YBT website! Let everyone know how great hypnotherapy is and inform them about our free CD offer. You'll earn $30 for every person that tries a free CD and purchases one volume.

The "Share" button is located next to each one of our Volumes. A small window will pop up, prompting you to log in and post to your chosen social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Etc). Let your friends and followers know how useful hypnotherapy is. As long as your referral doesn't cancel,

Email: Make money by sharing your unique link with your email contacts! For every person that signs up to receive a free CD through your link, and continues to purchase just one of our volumes, you'll get $30!

Log in to your members area and click "Earn Money" at the top right of the YBT page. Select the "Email" tab and enter your email information to select which contacts you want to invite to try a FREE Hypnotherapy CD. We will only use your email information so that you may invite your contacts and track who has made a purchase through YBT using your unique link. Your information is 100% safe with us!

Track Your Earnings:

Keeping track of your profit is simple! Just log in and go to the "Earn Money" section of YBT. Your profits will always be displayed in the "Earnings" Tab so you're aware every time someone signs up or purchases using your links. We keep it simple to see how much you have earned. Payment is via check each month!

What are we offering?

We are giving the opportunity for people to get a FREE Hypnotherapy CD. They can choose from: Stop Smoking, Lose weight, Stop Insomnia, or Attract Love. If your referral doesn't cancel within our allotted period and they choose to take at least one of the volumes, then you earned your commission and a check will be on it's way shortly!